Introduction to strings

A string is nothing but an one dimensional array of char. String literal are words surrounded by double quotation marks .

“Welcome to gyantoday”

In C every string is terminated by a null character ‘\0’  see an example below.

char str[20];

str is a 20 element character array, we can store up to 19 character in this array, because last character must be a null character.


Initializing array of type char

char str[10] = “gyantoday” ;In above char array str[9] is ‘\0’ null character, sizeof(str) is 10 and length of str is 9.Lets see one more example.

char str1[] = “gyan” /* Here sizeof(str1) is 5, but length of str1 is 4 */


There are number of library functions for string handling and manipulation. These all libraray functions defined in <string.h> header file. Some of the frequently used string handling library functions given below.

String handling Library functions Purpose of function
strlen() Find length of a string
strcpy() Copies a string into another
strncpy() Copies first n character of a string at the end of another string
strcmp() Compare two strings
strncmp() Compare first n character of two strings
strcat() Appends one string at the end of another string
strncat() Appends first n character of string at the end of another string
strset() Set all character of string to a given character
strrev() Reverse a string
strupr() Converts a string to upper case
strlwr() Converts a string to lower case
strcasecmp() Compare two strings case insensitive
strncasecmp() Compare first n character of two strings case insensitive


An example program of string handling.

#include<stdio.h>#include<string.h>int main(){

    char str[50];

    int length;

    printf(“Enter any string\n”);


    length = strlen(str);

    printf(“String length = %d\n”,length);

    printf(“Print given string\n”);


     return 0;


Suppose input string is “Welcome to gyantoday”  then output will be “Welcome to gyantoday”



Enter any string

Welcome to gyantoday

String length = 20

Print given string

Welcome to gyantoday


Write your  own program of strlen()

Write your  own program of strcpy()

Write your  own program of strncpy()

Write your  own program of strncmp()

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