Born today Famous People’s Birthdays 3rd August 03/08 in India and world

Birthdays of Famous People, Celebrity on today. which celebrity shares your birthday. Know which celebrities have your birthday. The date of birth can be an influencing factor on a person’s life. date of birth directs a person’s behaviour, personality and future course of action.A number of notable celebrities were also welcomed into the world today If you’re celebrating a birthday today – 3rd August (03/08). Your Zodiac sign is “Leo”

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It’s the Lion that symbolizes Leos, since they consider themselves the rulers of their universe like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong.

Today’s 3rd August -03/08 birthday of Famous People, Celebrity, Born in India.

Maithilisharan Gupt (3 August 1886 – 12 December 1964) was one of the most important modern Hindi poets.[1] He is considered one among the pioneers of Khari Boli (plain dialect) poetry and wrote in Khari Boli dialect. After India became independent in 1947, he was also made an honorary member of the Rajya Sabha, where he used poetry to put his opinions before the other members. He remained a member of the Rajya Sabha till his death in 1964. He was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1954.

Sunil Chhetri (born 3 August 1984) is an Indian professional footballer who plays as a striker forBengaluru FC in the I-League. He is also the current captain and all-time top goalscorer for the India national team, with 50 goals in 90 appearances.Chhetri began his professional career at Mohun Bagan in 2002.

He helped India win the 2007 Nehru Cup, 2009 Nehru Cup, the 2012 Nehru Cup as well as the 2011 SAFF Championship. He was also one of India’s best players during the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup in which India won the tournament and thus qualified for their first AFC Asian Cup in 27 years.

Today celebrities birthday  in world

James Wyatt RA (3 August 1746 – 4 September 1813), was an English architect.

Ernest Taylor Pyle (August 3, 1900 – April 18, 1945) was a Pulitzer Prize–winning American journalist. As a roving correspondent for theScripps-Howard newspaper chain, he earned wide acclaim for his accounts of ordinary people in rural America, and later, of ordinary American soldiers during World War II. His syndicated column ran in more than 300 newspapers nationwide.

Famous people shares your birthday in India

Name of Personality/Celebrities Date Of Birth Place Of Birth Profession Nationality Zodiac Sign
Maithilisharan Gupt  03-Aug-1886 Chirgaon, Uttar Pradesh, India Poet, Politician, Playwright, Translator  Indian  Leo
Sunil Chhetri 03-Aug-1984 New Delhi, India Footballer Indian Leo

Famous people shares your birthday in world

Name of Personality/Celebrities Date Of Birth Place Of Birth Profession Nationality Zodiac Sign

James Wyatt

 03-Aug-1746 Blackbrook Farm, Weeford Architect English  Leo

Ernest Taylor Pyle

03-Aug-1900 Dana, Indiana Journalists US Leo

It may seem strange that numbers can have an impact on a person’s life, but numerology suggests that every number is unique and has its own qualities and vibrations that influence a person’s life. Similar to the 12 sings of zodiac, which determine a person’s traits and characteristics to a considerable extent, the dates of birth also play pivotal roles in shaping the career and personality of individuals.

Both the Indian and Western zodiac traditions are associated with 12 constellations that is a group of stars forming a recognisable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure. These 12 constellations called as zodiac sign or raashi. Each zodiac sign or raashi has its own set of qualities, strengths and talents.

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