What is suspended process?

Suspended process also called blocked process.

Sometimes there will be no processes in the Ready state, because they are all blocked so the OS could suspend one of these blocked processes and swap it out to auxiliary memory (disk). Means processes that are blocked may also be swapped out. In this event the process is both swapped out and blocked, and may be swapped back in again under the same circumstances as a swapped out and waiting process (although in this case, the process will move to the blocked state, and may still be waiting for a resource to become available).

Some of the reasons to suspend a process are…

  • If one process is ready to execute,but there is no space
    in the main memory, then it is suspended.
  • When one process in main memory which was blocked & there
    is another process ready to execute,but waiting in
    secondary memory, then the process in main memory is
  • When the parent process suspends, then the sub process is
    also suspended.

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